Fun activities at Wood Farm for a rainy day

As much as us Britons long for a hot summer, we know that our wishful thinking only goes so far. We’ve prepared a list of some fun things to do at Wood Farm on a rainy day, perfect for children, teenagers, adults, or the whole family!


Board games

Board games don’t have to be boring! Take the opportunity to bring the family together; team up and reveal your competitive side to each other whilst it’s pouring outside. For those who haven’t come equipped with board games, why not stick to the old reliable favourites of charades or Pictionary.




Cook up a storm

Get your creative juices flowing by digging deep into a cookbook and creating a gastronomic masterpiece. Whether you choose to plan and prepare a slow cooked meal or bake a delicious treat, you can utilise our equipped kitchens in the cottages to cater to your culinary needs.




Put on a classic

Who doesn’t enjoy a good film? Embrace the rainy weather and curl up on the sofa with a glass of wine and bowl of popcorn with your loved ones.











Practice your mixology skills

This one is for adults only! Use a lazy afternoon to try and test all your favourite drink combinations, be as creative as possible!