Fun Snow Day Activities for Kids

A bit like marmite, your relationship with snow is often love or hate. With the beast from the east storming UK cities over the last week, we’ve decided to put together our favourite child-friendly activities to keep you and your family entertained this white winter.

Embrace it!

Jump right in! Throw on some wellies and your warmest clothes, and dive head first (not literally) into the fluffy white blanket of snow. Make a snow angel (if you’re brave enough!) or stick to the generic yet classic snowman.








Get arty

Grab some food colouring and mix it with water in a spray bottle, and voila! The snow becomes a canvas and your child becomes an artist. Kids can create portraits, rainbows, or even add colour to their snowmen.










Make a den

Hunt for any available blanket, sheet or towel, pull in furniture and create a fort for your little ones. To make it even more special, hang up some fairy lights, bring in the duvet, and indulge in some treats like sweets and chocolate!











Bring on the bake!

When it’s cold outside, create a little warmth in your tummy by baking something delicious. Not only is baking a fun activity, but you also get a treat or two at the end of it!







And for those lucky guests staying at Wood Farm just now, if you wrap up warm and go outside, this is what you will be seeing!!