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Chris and Diana

Chris and Diana, Wood Farm, Norfolk

My Great-grandfather moved to Norfolk from Scotland to start farming and the family now owns around 700 acres locally. We acquired Wood Farm back in 1993 and have spent many years creating holiday accommodation of the type we would hope to find on our own holidays. The tranquillity, the space and the farm activity all around are a highlight – for many of our guests, the experience of being part of the farm is why they keep coming back to stay with us.

Wood Farm Cottages sit on the site of an ancient oak wood called the Priours Wood, mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1086. The estate was seized from Binham Priory by Henry VIII and granted to Sir William Butte in 1545.  In the 1850’s the wood was cut down to create Wood Farm.  The census of the time shows a massive increase in labourers in Edgefield, drafted in to clear the land.

As hosts, Chris and I aim to provide the personal touch where needed, discreetly, so that all our guests have the best possible experience we can provide.

Wood Farm at Harvest time

Wood Farm at Harvest time

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