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Doggies rule?

The Eastern Daily Press today carries a story about a black labrador from Buxton Lammas, not far from Wood Farm, who is featuring on a range of new kitchen textiles. You can read the story here. And I was amused, but not surprised,  to note there are no less than NINE black labs in Lammas, which is only a small village. The black lab could well be North Norfolk’s mascot – everywhere you turn you can find another. In fact, only a couple of weeks ago I posted a picture on facebook of a young black lab found wandering in our village – very quickly I had several suggestions as to whom he might belong! We were spoilt for choice!

Norfolk is definitely  a county of dog lovers and a brilliant place to holiday if you have a dog and love to walk. At the Wells Beach Cafe it could be argued that the canine is King – as well as free doggy treats there’s a dog water bar and a dog bath for all those pooches who have just been enjoying the sand and sea. And many cafes here happily accept dogs inside, thank heavens. There’s nothing worse than huddling outside with your takeaway coffee and a dog pulling at the lead. Here we are far more civilised!

Last week East Runton was the scene for a ‘Viz Whiz’. (No, I didnt know either.) Apparently its a reunion of rare Hungarian Vizslas, all related,  which has taken place every winter for the past few years; this year 40 of the dogs and 30 owners took part in the get-together. Clearly they love holidaying in Norfolk too!

And then I came across a new blog, written ‘for dogs, by dogs’ apparently! ‘The Barking Bugle’.  Only in Norfolk! If you lie dogs and you like Norfolk – check it out.

At Wood Farm we love (well behaved) dogs and 6 of our self catering cottages can accommodate your furry friends. With instant access to fields and footpaths. Wood AFrm, and North Norfolk, are a great location for dogs and owners alike! Just ask the Hungarians!